Roof Softwashing

Roof Softwashing

We have a lot of rain in the UK which leaves roof’s damp for extended periods of time thus creating a breeding ground for organic matter such as moss and lichens. This in turn can leave a roof looking unsightly, discoloured and poses a risk of breaking down especially during freezing weather where the organic growth can expand and cause structural damage.

While we have an option of steam cleaning a roof using bespoke low pressure equipment, we can provide a customer with far more impressive results using softwashing techniques that use the power of chemistry to eliminate unwanted growth vegetation at both surface and root.

More and more home / building owners are opting for softwashing techniques due to the reduced risk of damage during the cleaning process. In the main, softwashing techniques are applied following a manual clean / de-moss of a roof whereby the bulk of any organic matter is removed. We will then safely apply our professional grade chemical products directly to any remaining growth which ensures that it kills to the root. Over time, the appearance of the roof will improve whilst bringing back natural colour to the tiles. Killing to the root system using this method will also add longevity to the clean.

In most cases, we would recommend a bi-yearly maintenance programme to proactively maintain the roof’s condition. This can be organised with our operations team.

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