The value of staff uniform

Released On 26th Oct 2018

We see many small businesses on our travels, many of whom appear to have no identity. Now this is fine in a sub contracting world where discretion is sometimes the key but when your business is popular and growing, we believe that wearing an indentifiable uniform is paramount to business success.

Let us explore some of the many reasons why we believe a uniform is important to us:-

  • A uniform represents our company's principles and level of professionalism.
  • Wearing a uniform can provide a sense of belonging to the staff themselves and all employees look the same, SMART.
  • Uniforms allow our staff to feel more self confident as well as building a sense of unity and accountability.
  • It gives a consistent look to our business, making us more identifiable and customers come to recognise the uniform and feel safe in the knowledge that the person who has turned up to do the job, is actually from our business.
  • Employees who wear uniforms with a company’s logo and colours allow your business to become instantly recognisable by potential customers who may have seen our adverts online.
  • Uniforms reduce the amount of work clothing that individual employees must purchase themselves.

These are just some of the reasons why our business chooses to issue staff uniforms to all employees.

Here we have a short video of us receiving some uniform and who we use as a supplier. Now this supplier is not the cheapest, BUT, we know that they will deliver a quality service, quality product and on time, pretty much like ourselves.




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