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Released On 18th Jan 2018

What some people fail to remember is that a window is made up of a number of components, ie the Glass, Frame and Sill. Traditonally, most Window Cleaners (or so they called themselves) only ever cleaned the glass and maybe a courtessey wipe of the sills thrown in for luck. Nowadays, regular Window Cleaning from professional cleaning companys like ourselves is a far more comprehensive clean and yes, that is why it costs more, BUT the true value is in what you actually get for your money. Let us explain ....

Cost comparisons ....

For example, a traditional Window Cleaner may rock up and clean your "glass" for £10.00 per month and as stated above, maybe a courtessy wipe of the sills. From experience, we would most probably look at the same house and price it at £20.00 per clean, which on face value seems expensive, but, the truth of the matter is this. We have deduced that the optimum domestic cleaning cycle, in our opinion and using our cleaning methods, is every 6 weeks. That means 8 cleans a year from us and not 12. That equates to a £160.00 a year charge from us and £120.00 a year from the traditional cleaner. Suddenly the gap is closing. But wait, we aren't just cleaning the glass, we are cleaning the Glass, Frames, Sills, Doors every time and the hard to reach windows that a traditional cleaner could not get too, for example, Roof Velux windows. So, in simple terms, for £160.00 a year, you are getting at least twice as much as your £120.00 a year cleaner but at a cost of 1/3rd more. Therein lies the value.

You don't need to see us every month ....

So, let me explain why we don't need to clean them every month. The key thing here is that we use purified water that we make specifically for the task. This is done using a filtering production system and we bring this to each job in our purposely equipped vehicles. When applied to a window, this pure water grabs the dirt in an attempt to return to it's original state. Now a traditional cleaner will most likely use fairy liquid in his water mix or similar. Yes this is great for helping the squeegee move across the glass BUT, it is sticky which means the surface of the glass remains sticky after cleaning, which ultimately means, yes you've got it, dirt can stick to the glass easier hence they need cleaning more frequently!

Feet firmly on the ground ....

So, it is fair to say that using the reach and wash pure water system allows us to clean most windows and doors safely from the ground. No more clattering around the house with a ladder, no more clambering up and down roofs with a risk of breaking tiles, no more holes in your lawn, just proper comprehensive Window Cleaning. We use expensive polypropolene bristled brushes on expensive carbon telescopic poles. Using this method allows us to scrub and remove any surface dirt from the glass, frames and sills. These brushes are expensive and will not scratch your glass. For sure, we could use cheaper poles and brushes  but as a company, we respect and value our employees and their health so have no desire to put undue pressure on their bodies. Besides, this equipment is used to do a lot of window cleaning, day in day out, so buying cheap would be false economy.

Summary ....

Hopefully, the simple and shortened explanation above (trust me we could talk for hours about our business) outlines what we do, why we do it and the value we offer. In addition, it is obvious that anybody who looks after their windows on a regular basis, not only has a propoerty which looks good all year round, they are less likely to need to replace their windows and doors over time and let's face it, the average cost of one typical window alone is around £500.00 and then it there is the cost to install it, so in reality, the maintenance costs from Trade Solutions (Yeovil) Ltd is small in comparison.

Need more info ....?

As always, if you have any questions about our window cleaning or indeed anything else, please drop us a message via our online contact form.

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